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EROAD's Ehubo perfectly records, stores, and transmits vehicle data via cellular network. Captures distance, location, route, and operational insights.
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A Distinct Advantage in Fleet Management: The Benefits of EROAD

EROAD is one of the early adopters of ELD technology and is famous for providing one of the best features for IFTA reporting capabilities in the industry today. It provides multiple monthly subscription plans to make it more affordable, facilitating all sizes of fleet companies. The Eroad Ehubo 2 is an all-in-one ELD with a touchscreen that connects to the driver’s diagnostic port. It is a feature-rich device allowing drivers more options alongside basic ELD, including fuel management and overall fleet management tools. 

Outline of EROAD Fleet Management

EROAD is a worldwide innovation organization that gives fleet management answers for organizations while offering the mindful client support of a private company. EROAD’s items and administrations incorporate yet aren’t restricted to:

Fleet Management

  • myEROAD and Shrewd Short Take programming
  • Electronic logging gadgets (ELDs)
  • Ehubo ELD
  • Drive ELD
  • Clearness Solo and Lucidity Associated Dashcams
  • TotalTax and consistencyDriver vehicle investigation reports (DVIR)
      • Security and upkeep
    • Announcing long periods of administration (HOS),
    • Worldwide fuel charge arrangement (IFTA) Simple Document,
    • Weight mile charge (WMT) and RUAF
    • Worldwide enrollment plan (IRP),
  • GPS and geofencing, portable driver work process, steering, and route
  • Trailer following, affirmation gadgets, and resource following.
  • IoT sensors (* make this apparent with drift capability: cold chain management, entryway alarms, substantial blender drums, water, movement, breaking, influence, sunlight-based freight, general tag, fuel, lift arms, water-driven pressure, waste of time, and so on).


It costs $35 per month and one-time activation charges of $25. It provides hardware on lease and brings your device options. Whereas Ehubo 2 costs 35-$60 per month along with one-time activation charges of $25 and connects to a diagnostics port via ECM-Y, which costs $65. The hardware is available for free with a subscription. 

Advantages of EROAD Fleet Management

  • Simple to utilize and execute.
  • Lessen costs with constant information
  • Video can prove different motivations like cases, driving infractions, and protection claims [insert protection article perhaps one that discusses protection limits for video on fleets].
  • Enhance courses, lessen fuel utilization, and further develop eco-friendliness.
  • Screen vehicles’ area and utilization
  • Distinguish failures and make a remedial move.
  • Consent to ELD, DVIR, IRP, and charge/consistency guidelines.
  • Simple to produce and submit reports to administrative organizations.
  • Further develop security by decreasing the gamble of mishaps and infringement.

EROAD Fleet Management Highlights and Parts

EROAD Ehubo and Drive ELDs

EROAD Ehubo ELD is a fleet management arrangement facilitated on the cloud and loaded with a ton of one-of-a-kind capabilities like security consistency management, fleet following, charge consistency management, as well as electronic logging gadgets (ELD). Transportation organizations utilize this cloud-facilitated answer to track and deal with their fleet and empower them to keep up with advanced consistency.

Numerous fundamental need capabilities incorporate announcing for review and duty purposes, giving constant warnings, as well as the mechanized assortment of truck information. Likewise, the product coordinates with the EROAD ELD touchscreen framework to assist drivers with keeping in-vehicle data.

Ehubo ELD

  • Introduced in every vehicle
  • Contact screen
  • Gathers information (vehicle use, driver conduct, fuel utilization, area, support, and execution)
  • Information is sent to EROAD’s cloud-based stage myEROAD
  • Gives ongoing information and investigation to organizations.
  • Adjustable dashboards help make due, distinguish, and resolve issues rapidly.

Drive ELD

  • The application that associates with EROAD’s IoT door gadgets.
  • Guarantees administrative consistency.
  • Choices to add more vehicles or sensor types for more extensive fleet management choices.
  • Ideal for fleets who need an adaptable application on a gadget in their taxi and have desires to scale their tasks from extended sensor information bits of knowledge.

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Group of EROAD Lucidity Dashcams

EROADS line of Lucidity Dashcams adds visual setting to telematics information. They utilize 4G availability to give HD video, area and movement information, and driver-wellbeing bits of knowledge. The following are the distinctions and features.

Clearness Associated Dashcam

  • Completely incorporated with your EROAD fleet management framework, myEROAD, and Ehubo
  • Begins recording on start and records when out of inclusion
  • Front just OR Front and Back confronting choices
  • Tough plan and modern grade information capacity
  • High recording outline rate

Lucidity Solo Dashcams

  • Savvy arrangement
  • For light trucks and vans, development hardware, and HOS-absolved weighty vehicles.
  • No ELD required.

Lucidity Get Dashcams

  • Significantly more savvy arrangement
  • Benefit from the highlights of Lucidity Dashcams, yet just compensation for the recording you want.

Favoring EROAD’s Fleet Management

EROAD has shown off its abilities throughout the long term in giving solid and easy-to-understand reports and information. What’s more, this limits costs, however, the framework likewise decreases free time and lifts client care in your fleet organization.

Large numbers of the appealing elements and capacities you’ll find in the EROAD fleet management suite contain site geofence action, authentic regular fleet action, informing, as well as fuel management. You can likewise get a resource tracker mix Programming interface, exact vehicle following abilities, inactive reports as well as revealing capacities for parkway fuel use with the EROAD fleet management arrangement.

Continuous Following and Detailing

  • GPS following gives constant information on the spot and use.

Adaptable Alarms and Warnings

  • Organizations can set up adaptable alarms and warnings for:
    • Vehicle breakdowns
    • Speeding infringement
    • Upkeep issues

Driver Wellbeing and Consistency

  • SafeDriver is a set-up of driver management instruments and reports to assist with supporting driver security, control speeds and decrease risk.
    • Virtual speed camera with everyday speed alarms
    • EROAD Investigate
    • Driver tips for protected and stable driving

Upkeep Planning and Management

  • Effectively oversee vehicle upkeep plans.

EROAD’s Brilliant Short Take

We truly like the Brilliant Short Take highlight from EROAD. We realize this region can and gets interesting for organizations and drivers. Savvy Short Take wipes out the mystery for drivers and fleets running short take exceptions. The framework gives worked-in prompts, exact counters, and alarms to assist drivers with checking obligation hour cutoff points and enjoy reprieves when fitting. It additionally naturally distinguishes every driver’s beginning area and produces Poles for the days that short take limits are penetrated. Fleets are furnished with reports itemizing which standards were surpassed by every driver to more readily grasp tasks and consistency. The framework assists drivers with keeping up with exact logs without agonizing over consistency, while fleets can zero in on security and taking care of business.

  • Remain consistent with the short-take ruleset.
  • Consequently turns drivers off the short take ruleset when they surpass one of the cutoff points
  • Consequently changes to the default between or intrastate ruleset
  • Limit interferences to the work process
  • Gives visual and discernible alarms to help stay inside boundaries for the exclusion.
  • It trains vehicle drivers to enjoy the fundamental reprieves
  • Smoothes out timecards and logs for all drivers
  • Diminishes administrative center work and human mistakes.
  • Exact announcement for reviews

EROAD Resource Tracker

EROAD Resource GPS beacon guarantees security and consistency, which are advantageous to oversee while following your weighty gear (and every fueled resource) on exactly the same dashboard. By coordinating the EROAD ELD and fleet management programming with resource observing, the gadget makes every one of your vehicles and hardware noticeable, paying little mind to where they’re sent.

EROAD Resource Following accompanies the ETrack Wired gadget. The gadget is rough and tough and supports a 4 G network. It likewise accompanies a climate-safe IP66 box, GPS, as well as inner remote radio wires, and an incorporated accelerometer. The resource tracker utilizes A 12-or 24-volt power source to run the gadget and charge the battery; the battery power goes on for as long as a half year.

Highlights of EROAD Resource Tracker

  • Poof of administration when a truck showed up and withdrew from a client’s area
  • Preventive support alert
  • Track resource use
  • Mechanize Yard Checks
  • Trailer Following
  • Burglary Recuperation
  • Establishment

Clients can introduce EROAD ELD without anyone else; be that as it may, EROAD additionally hosts third get-together installers. Costs for master establishment fluctuate and rely upon the region of the establishment as well as the nearness of the installer to the client. The EROAD ELD client manual Establishment Guide offers straightforward bit-by-bit directions that can be utilized by the client to do their establishments.


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