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Motive Fleet management system

Motive Fleet management system

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin)

Go Motive ELD
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Go Motive FMS – The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency!

Based on our experience and reviews of multiple users, the Motive Fleet Management System offers an unparalleled level of quality and flexibility for fleet compliance and vehicle safety.

Motive Fleet Management System has been helping fleets especially small companies to remain compliant. Additionally, they provide an array of services and features that increase productivity with improved safety. 

If you are the owner of a small fleet company, then you must be looking for the best and most useful services at an economical price. Go Motive FMS will provide you with all of those useful features like vehicle reports, electronic logging, easy GPS tracking and in-app communication, and driver assistance at a normal monthly price.

In this guide, you will find out why Motive Fleet Management System is one of the most recommended and beneficial fleet management solutions.


  • This fleet management system is simple, practical, and easy to use.
  • Customers gush about the excellent and readily accessible customer service.
  • GPS real-time tracking is a prominent feature of Motive’s (formerly KeepTruckin) fleet management system.
  • Go Motive ELDs are effective because they make it easy to stay compliant with the regulations and keep track of hours of service.
  • Smart AI dashcams ensure safety and help drivers, especially in case of an unfortunate event.
  • Effective Night Mode.


  • No refunds if you go out of business and stop using the services.
  • A few customers complained about unresponsive customer service.
  • Glitches take a long time to resolve
  • Occasional glitches lead to frequent log editing by drivers which can stir up issues with the department of transportation (DOT).
  • Long disruption of services over the US-Canada border.

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Motive FMS Features and Services

The best thing about Go Motive FMS is that it provides numerous useful services suitable for small businesses at an affordable price. For instance, GPS tracking, driver safety, dual dashcam, and electronic logging compliance are some of the most important features required in a fleet management solution. Motive FMS supplies them all and more. 

We know the tribulations of a new and small fleet company and the challenges they have to face when looking for an acceptable FMS. But with the Motive Fleet Management System small fleet companies get an excellent deal. 

Here is a brief description of features and services found in the Motive Fleet Management Solution package.

GPS Tracking

It is a prominent feature of Motive’s FMS. GPS tracking allows fleet companies and managers to track every truck and vehicle in one place. Live-tracking of vehicles has evidently saved time and money. GPS alerts immediately inform fleet managers of any unfortunate event or vehicle activity.

This excellent tracking is accomplished through different types of technologies. A Motive Truck Gateway tracker is installed in the vehicle. The process of installation is quite simple with the use of the truck’s diagnostic port. When it is installed, the tracker is allocated to the Motive platform. This means that every single activity of the vehicle and its details are documented in real-time.

Encryption and transmission of data from the vehicle tracker to the fleet manager are done by popular telematics technology. Transmission of data only works as long as the tracker has data or Wifi signals. The main purpose of telematic technology is to boost the levels of accuracy and maximize the productivity of the fleet by consistently tracking them.

Additional benefits that GPS tracking provides are geofencing alerts, live location sharing, data collection for reports, and more. The recorded routes can be consulted and followed again in the future. Driver’s performance is also documented which plays an important role in vehicle safety, maintenance, and planning. 

Electronic Logging Compliance

Motive FMS is well known for offering compliance, boosting productivity, and curtailing violations. We, at Best Tracking, find it quite practical that all of this is provided in one place by the ELD. The ELD hardware installation is very simple and the company manual gives step-by-step instructions. Their software is user-friendly and easy to work with which many customers have reported in the reviews as well.

The manual entry and chance of human error are diminished with the digitization of driving logs. Not just that but the completion of vehicle inspection reports has become faster and more compliant. Optimal compliance comes through enhanced visibility and control. 

The best part is, the HOS system will trigger notifications and alerts before the violation. This gives drivers extra time to understand and solve the issue without making mistakes. Additionally, Motive FMS offers the use of team mode. This way many drivers can utilize the same device and change driver profiles.

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Driver Safety

Motive’s smart AI dashcam is designed to ensure ultimate driver safety. Motive FMS puts a lot of emphasis on monitoring drivers’ behavior during driving. Because indirectly poor safety monitoring will harm the company.

So for this purpose, smart dual dash cams are installed within the vehicle which recognize facial expressions. If the driver is distracted, the smart AI will record this unsafe behavior and may also trigger alerts. This recorded proof can be used for driver coaching later on. It also gives complete transparency and control to the fleet managers or the company. 

The recording can also be used as a piece of evidence in court in case of an accident to point out the real culprit. This is because the dual AI camera not only records the driver but the front and back of the vehicle as well. This gives a clear idea of what might be the real cause of the accident. 

Cost & Plans

The main hardware of the Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) Fleet Management System costs around $200. But if you want to get the services of the Go Motive starter plan, it will cost you an additional $25 every month for the subscription. Motive also offers a Pro plan and with all its benefits, features, and good reviews, the price is quite reasonable. 

Customer Reviews

As of 2023, most review websites give a high rating to Motive Fleet Management System. Just Trustpilot has more than 68% 5-star reviews which say a lot about Motive services. Numerous users admired the excellent customer service of Motive and shared how fast their queries were answered on phone.
Trustpilot gives a total of 3.8 rating to Motive FMS. The company has scored high reviews since they provide great quality products, reliable technology, consistent and fast feedback, and innovation. Of course, some people have complained about the difficulties they faced, and the company was quick to reach them to solve their issues.

Positive reviews on G2 mention Motive’s excellent in-app communication, software compliance, user-friendly interface, and fast customer service. The number of people who gave negative reviews was few. Overall, G2 gave a 4.2/5 rating to Motive FMS.

On Capterra and Featured Customers, people gave major positive reviews. Both platforms gave 4.5 and 4.8 ratings to Motive FMS respectively. People admired Motive for its easy-to-use software, reliable technology, good pricing, and compliance. The negative reviews consisted mostly of contractual issues and some refunding problems. 

On Tech Radar people pointed out that Motive FMS is an affordable, intuitive, and trustworthy system. 

Go Motive FMS – Is It Worth It? 

Ranging from FMSCA regulations and ELD compliance to driver safety, in-app communication, and GPS real-time tracking, the Motive fleet management system has it all. Not only this but the fleet system offers its easy-to-use software and all the features at an affordable price. For a small fleet company, this is a big benefit.

Go Motive ELD will keep you compliant with HOS while saving time and money, GPS tracking will provide transparency, live locations, and the status of every vehicle. Indirectly this plays an important role in the company’s and driver’s safety. AI dashcam is another feature that ensures both driver and vehicle safety through multiple tools.

So if you are looking for a famous, functional, advantageous yet affordable fleet management system, Motive is the best choice and we highly recommend it. All the positive customer reviews are clear evidence.

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