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J.J. Keller ELog
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J.J. Keller ELog

J. J. Keller

J.J. Keller Elog
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Experience seamless compliance and enhanced fleet management with J.J. Keller Elog. Trusted legacy, feature-rich design, optimal pricing.
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Introducing J.J. Keller Elog

Before embracing any product, it’s imperative to gauge the reputation of its manufacturer. J.J. Keller’s legacy in compliance and workplace safety solutions spans over six decades. Established in 1953, the company has become synonymous with excellence in regulatory adherence and safety optimization.

J.J. Keller Elog emerges as a pinnacle of their expertise, designed to cater to the diverse needs of fleet managers and drivers seeking uncompromising compliance and streamlined fleet operations. Let’s delve into the comprehensive features, benefits, and customization options that define the J.J. Keller Elog experience.

J.J. Keller Elog Top Features:

  1. Simplicity and Flexibility: J.J. Keller Elog stands as a versatile solution, perfectly suited for fleets of varying sizes and compositions. The Elog’s user-friendly design ensures ease of use for drivers and fleet managers alike.
  2. Laser-Focused Compliance: Elog offers an affordable and flexible path to electronic logging device (ELD) compliance. It streamlines hours of service (HOS) records and driver logs, ensuring that regulatory requirements are met without hassle.
  3. Compatibility Across Fleets: Regardless of the class of vehicles within your fleet, J.J. Keller Elog caters to your compliance needs. It presents a unified view of compliance and performance, ideal for mixed fleets.
  4. Efficiency Boost: With real-time tracking and performance insights, Elog empowers fleet managers to optimize operations and enhance profitability. Reduced idle times and better driver behavior contribute to substantial fuel savings.
  5. Smooth Transition: J.J. Keller Elog offers a gradual transition from paper logs to ELDs, allowing drivers and fleet managers to adapt at their own pace. This transition process is seamless and ensures continuity in record-keeping.
  6. Robust Data Management: Cloud storage enables easy access to critical data, facilitating prompt decision-making and sharing of information among stakeholders.
  7. Trusted Legacy: J.J. Keller’s reputation as a leader in compliance solutions assures the reliability and accuracy of Elog’s features and functionalities.

J.J. Keller Elog Benefits:

  1. Eld & HOS Compliance: J.J. Keller Elog covers essential aspects like Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and hours of service (HOS) logs. This translates to seamless regulatory adherence and reduced compliance-related stress.
  2. Driver-Centric Design: Elog’s intuitive interface is designed to accommodate both new and experienced drivers. The integrated J.J. Keller Mobile app offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that simplifies duty status updates.
  3. GPS Tracking and Navigation: Elog seamlessly integrates GPS tracking and navigation, enhancing route planning, dispatch efficiency, and overall fleet management.
  4. Encompass Integration: Bundled with the Encompass compliance management system, Elog ensures a comprehensive approach to compliance. It covers everything from maintenance to driver qualification files and logs.
  5. All-Inclusive Package: J.J. Keller Elog includes essential components like guides, technical support, backup logbooks, and resources. This package ensures a smooth transition and optimal ELD utilization.

J.J. Keller Elog Affordability:

  1. Cost Transparency: Elog’s pricing model is designed to suit various budgets and fleet sizes. Hardware costs start at $199, and the monthly charges are tailored to your usage requirements.
  2. Tablet Option: Fleet managers can opt for the J.J. Keller tablet at $349, which aligns with fleet size and management needs. It’s a complete solution that ensures compliance and efficiency.
  3. Flexibility in Device Selection: Elog accommodates a range of devices, enabling drivers to choose their preferred display option. Whether smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices, the choice is yours.
  4. Driver Costs: The nominal additional costs for drivers using their own devices are well worth the benefits. The flexibility in customization allows fleets to align costs with their specific operational needs.


J.J. Keller Elog isn’t just an ELD; it’s a testament to J.J. Keller’s commitment to excellence and innovation in compliance solutions. By choosing J.J. Keller Elog, fleet managers and drivers are embracing a comprehensive solution that combines regulatory compliance with operational efficiency. The trusted legacy, feature-rich design, and adaptable pricing structure make J.J. Keller Elog the ultimate choice for fleets seeking to elevate compliance standards and optimize fleet performance. Step into the future of fleet management with J.J. Keller Elog today.

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