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Gorilla Safety ELD presents a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for fleet management and driver compliance with FMCSA standards. Based in Houston, Texas, and established in 2013, Gorilla Safety has quickly adapted to the ELD mandate, offering one of the earliest solutions in this domain.

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Gorilla Safety ELD presents a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for fleet management and driver compliance with FMCSA standards. Based in Houston, Texas, and established in 2013, Gorilla Safety has quickly adapted to the ELD mandate, offering one of the earliest solutions in this domain.

Its ELD system, known for its affordability and ease of use, is particularly popular among small to mid-sized fleets.

The integration of the Gorilla ELD with their innovative fleet management software ensures accuracy, adaptability, and full compliance, making it a go-to choice for fleet managers and truckers who value efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features and Benefits

Real-Time Fleet Tracking and Reduced Operational Costs

The Gorilla Safety ELD system offers unparalleled real-time tracking, enabling fleet managers to monitor vehicle locations and movements accurately.

This capability is crucial for optimizing route planning, enhancing the efficiency of on-road operations, and responding promptly to any incidents.

By reducing idle time and optimizing routes, the system significantly lowers fuel consumption and maintenance costs, leading to enhanced operational efficiency. The integration with GPS technology ensures accurate and reliable data, crucial for informed decision-making.

Enhanced Productivity and Streamlined Operations

The Gorilla ELD system plays a critical role in maximizing productivity. By automating routine tasks such as Hours of Service (HOS) reporting and vehicle inspections, it significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required for these activities.

This automation not only heightens the accuracy of records but also enables drivers and fleet managers to concentrate on more value-added tasks. The system’s user-friendly dashboard facilitates easy tracking and management of logs, further streamlining operations.

Improved Profit Margins and Operational Efficiency

Gorilla Safety ELD provides tools for meticulous fuel tracking and IFTA fuel reporting, offering valuable insights into fuel consumption and operational expenditures.

By analyzing this data, fleet managers can identify opportunities for cost savings, leading to improved profitability. The system also assists in managing fleet size and utilization, optimizing asset use, and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in fleet operations, and Gorilla Safety ELD addresses this by offering features like automatic driver status updates and duty status changes.

It sends timely alerts for hours of service limits to prevent violations of FMCSA regulations. These features not only ensure legal compliance but also contribute to a safer driving environment by reducing the likelihood of fatigue-related incidents.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

The BYOD nature of the Gorilla Safety ELD system allows drivers to use their own iOS or Android devices with the system. This approach significantly reduces the learning curve and the need for extensive training.

The system’s intuitive interface is designed to be easily navigable even by those not tech-savvy, ensuring a seamless transition to electronic logging.

Vehicle Maintenance and Health Monitoring

The system includes a comprehensive mechanic portal, enhancing vehicle maintenance and health monitoring.

It alerts drivers and fleet managers about necessary inspections, maintenance, and repairs, thereby aiding in the prevention of costly breakdowns and extending the service life of vehicles.

Customization and Integration

As a versatile fleet management solution, Gorilla Safety ELD can be integrated seamlessly with various business systems. This feature provides a unified approach to fleet management, enabling the system to work in concert with other tools for comprehensive operational management.

The system’s customization options ensure it can be tailored to the specific needs of diverse fleets.

Innovative Document Management

Unique in the industry, Gorilla Safety ELD offers a full document management solution.

This feature allows drivers and managers to keep all necessary documents organized and easily accessible, significantly reducing paperwork and improving compliance with documentation requirements.

Comprehensive Compliance Solution

The system is developed to meet the guidelines set forth in the FMCSA mandate, ensuring full compliance with regulations.

It provides all necessary tools for tracking hours of service, compliant edits, and documentation required for roadside inspections, contributing to peace of mind and legal compliance.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Contract Terms

Gorilla Safety ELD’s pricing structure is designed to be budget-friendly, offering a high-quality solution at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

The flexibility in contract terms, with no long-term commitments, makes it an attractive option for fleets looking for an affordable yet efficient ELD solution.

These comprehensive features position the Gorilla Safety ELD as a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for fleet management, ensuring compliance, safety, and operational efficiency.

Gorilla Safety ELD Installation and Technical Aspects

    1. Easy Installation Process:

The Gorilla Safety ELD device is designed for a quick and easy plug-and-play installation process, connecting to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and syncing with the management portal and mobile app.

    1. Comprehensive Compliance Solution:

The system ensures FMCSA compliance, including tracking hours of service, compliant edits, and the necessary documents for roadside inspections.

    1. Simplified Document Management:

Gorilla Safety is unique in offering a complete document management solution, helping drivers and managers keep all necessary documents organized and easily accessible.

    1. Additional Fleet Management Solutions:

Rooted in fleet safety and risk management, Gorilla Safety also offers additional solutions beyond ELD, catering to diverse fleet management needs.

Gorilla ELD Pricing and Contract Details

Gorilla Safety ELD stands out in the market for its straightforward and flexible pricing model, which is particularly appealing to small and mid-sized fleets.

The pricing structure is designed to accommodate various fleet sizes and requirements, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.

Initial Cost of the Device:

The Gorilla ELD hardware is priced at $250. This one-time cost covers the ELD device itself, which is a plug-and-play unit designed for easy installation.

Monthly Subscription Tiers:

Gorilla Safety offers its software in three different subscription tiers, each catering to different levels of fleet management needs:

    • Prime8 ELD: At $19.99 per month, this tier includes basic ELD tracking, GPS tracking, and driver logs, making it suitable for fleets requiring essential compliance and tracking features.
    • Fleet XPress: Priced at $26.99 per month, this plan offers everything in Prime8, plus additional features like DVIR, DOT inspection tools, and IFTA fuel reporting, making it a good fit for fleets looking for more comprehensive management tools.
    • XTreme: At $36.99 per month, this premium subscription includes all features of Fleet XPress plus advanced options such as accident management, security, policy, and practice management tools, ideal for fleets seeking a full suite of management and compliance features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gorilla Safety ELD

What is Gorilla Safety ELD and who is it for?

Gorilla ELD is an electronic logging device designed for fleet management and compliance with FMCSA regulations. It’s suitable for fleet managers and truckers, especially in small to mid-sized fleets.

How does Gorilla Safety ELD enhance fleet management?

The ELD offers real-time fleet tracking, automated HOS reporting, and vehicle maintenance alerts, contributing to efficient operations and improved compliance.

Can Gorilla Safety ELD be used in various types of vehicles?

Yes, it is designed to be compatible with a broad range of vehicles, utilizing OBD-II ports with adaptors for different pin ports.

Is the Gorilla Safety ELD system easy to install?

Yes, the system is designed for a simple plug-and-play installation, making it easy for drivers and fleet managers to set up.

Does Gorilla Safety ELD integrate with other systems?

Yes, it integrates with various fleet management and business systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


In conclusion, Gorilla Safety ELD stands out as an affordable and efficient solution for fleet management, especially for small to mid-sized fleets. Its range of features, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make it a competitive choice in the ELD market.

While it may not offer all the advanced features of larger competitors, its straightforward approach, combined with the reliability and quality

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